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Clarity Conference

Listen to Ian in this Clarity Conference (2018) as he speaks on the topic of having clarity in our relations with God and people.

Motives of our Heart

Listen to Ian as he speaks on the topic of the motives and desires of our heart and how we should act upon them in this year of unimaginable things.

The Wise Men

Listen to Ian as he draws on the wisdom from the story of wise men. Things we can learn from them to live our lives for God. 

The Shepherds

Ian's message this week focuses on the unexpected events that led the Shepherds to Jesus. What can we learn from their story? Listen in!

Interruptions of God

Listen to Ian in our new series for December "Experience Christmas the awe and wonder" as he speaks about the interruptions of God in our daily life and what we should expect of th...

Fit To Fight

Listen to Ian in our special message for Father's Day "Fit To Fight" as he talks about how we should live in this world.

Rock VS Chicken

How would you rather be known as a Rock or as a Chicken? Listen to Henry Gumbel's thought provoking message. In the first message of our new series for June "Living & Active"

Why stones? Why are stones so important? Listen to Gwen as she talks about the significance of stones in the last messsage of the series for May "Stones".

Living Stones

You are positioned with purpose. Listen to Ian as he uncovers the master plan in the third installment of the series for May "Stones".

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