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Worth Defined

Listen in to Naomi in this special message for International Mother's Day as she talks about our perception of self worth and how we often put ourselves down in our own sight.

Listen to Ian as he begins our new series for the month of May and speaks on the topic of prayer and how it is akin to a 'breath of life' for us.

Listen to Naomi as she speaks on how our perception of the world around us is framed by the word, in the new topic for April 'It takes faith'.

Spiritual Fitness

Listen to Naomi as she speaks on the importance of being fit not only physically, but also spiritually.

Clarity Conference

Listen to Ian in this Clarity Conference (2018) as he speaks on the topic of having clarity in our relations with God and people.

Motives of our Heart

Listen to Ian as he speaks on the topic of the motives and desires of our heart and how we should act upon them in this year of unimaginable things.

The Wise Men

Listen to Ian as he draws on the wisdom from the story of wise men. Things we can learn from them to live our lives for God. 

The Shepherds

Ian's message this week focuses on the unexpected events that led the Shepherds to Jesus. What can we learn from their story? Listen in!

Interruptions of God

Listen to Ian in our new series for December "Experience Christmas the awe and wonder" as he speaks about the interruptions of God in our daily life and what we should expect of th...

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