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Rock VS Chicken

How would you rather be known as a Rock or as a Chicken? Listen to Henry Gumbel's thought provoking message. In the first message of our new series for June "Living & Active"

Why stones? Why are stones so important? Listen to Gwen as she talks about the significance of stones in the last messsage of the series for May "Stones".

Living Stones

You are positioned with purpose. Listen to Ian as he uncovers the master plan in the third installment of the series for May "Stones".

Believe In You

Confidence, self esteem, belief; listen to Ian as he talks about the importance of believing in yourself in the second episode of our series for May "Stones".

Listen in to Ian's latest Life Message on how you can lay godly foundations in your life; in the new series for May "Stones". 

Another Chance

Have you ever wished you had a second chance? Listen to Ian as he talks about another chance and God's mercy and grace towards us.

Who's looking out for you? Where you do belong? Listen in to Ian's message inspired from Psalm 23 as he unpacks the importance of being in relationship.

What Do You Believe?

Your faith is not only about what you talk but also about what you belive and actauly do. Listen to Ian as he talks about the magnitude and significance of the Resurrection, and yo...

Have you ever been betrayed? And have you been concered about the outcome of your desicions?  Listen to Naomi as she talks about the impact of our desicions in the first message o...

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